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The Drills – Air Hockey Champion of the World (Phil X)


Another awesome song by FrettedAmericana demo guitarist Phil X with his band “The Drills”. Check him out demo-ing tons of epic vintage guitars! Phil X is jus…

Phil X jams Air Hockey Champion by his band The Drills, in a small bar in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. For footage of his band “The Drills” performing this so…

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    41 responses so far ↓

    • 1 orangejuice


    • 2 GraffitiPhysical

      So cool.

    • 3 naturewoodfb

      Sounds like the 90s Grunge rock, like the great FU MANCHU band..

    • 4 Destroyermoma76

      haha i was expecting to se a frettedamaricana video 🙂

    • 5 ClanChattan14

      oh sweet Jesus this song is amazing

    • 6 TantricConvulsions

      I love the fact that a video for the air hockey world championships comes
      up with this. lol also PHIL X!

    • 7 Daniele Debattista

      this sounds like a demo of the song 😀

    • 8 theguitarczar

      Phil X is what all us guitarists who stuck to our “guns” wished we were. I
      hope you you conquer the world, Phil.

    • 9 Alek Mcmillan

      This song is EPIC

    • 10 GamesRise

      Phil X <3

    • 11 theguitarczar

      …Maybe I should post before that last Smirnoff shot so I’m not typing the
      echoes I’m hearing! lol

    • 12 rocco roccki

      reminds me of Foo Fighters !!

    • 13 metalmulisha0143

      nah dude, there’s a guitar solo in this =D!!!!!

    • 14 spiritd4ys

      rock and roll is still alive 😀

    • 15 Joe Steers


    • 16 Matthew De Bono

      I watched like 2 hours of fretted americana videos then this, but i was
      expecting it to cut into video LOL

    • 17 bellajean2000

      Love Phil X, he is the Real Deal and he has some serious skills, vocals,
      guitar, massive personality, total package Phil is.

    • 18 Qoooba95

      How tall Phil is?

    • 19 Maurizio Giorgio

      Except for that time i got beat by a girl ahaha

    • 20 PBANDSNOW

      SOOO Canadian

    • 21 Damian M

      What’s that for al ltd viper from Phil X?

    • 22 TheGuitarman139

      1:30 Phil showing us his skill in playing the same note with alternating
      fingers while singing and playing live.

    • 23 rockynashfilms

      @edguitar333 See his channel at

    • 24 rockynashfilms

      @TheMFreak Yes they are! go to

    • 25 Nick Kapenkar

      @rockynashfilms Cool thanks, so he used only the amp for the distortion and
      the Bad Monkey on the solos? Clone of what amp is the Roppoli?

    • 26 BobbyGuitarHynd

      See the faces that drummer does in these vids its fucking priceless

    • 27 rockynashfilms

      @fazbotguitarguy Recording from the mixing board and remixed.

    • 28 edguitar333

      on what amps phil play ? lovely sound !

    • 29 stnhristov

      love this song!!!

    • 30 Juan Rittgers

      Pinball Wizard. ‘Nough said.

    • 31 shockwaveape

      at 0:49 the guy is flikin his drumstik like a towel

    • 32 Guilherme g

      Paul Hoffman kicks ass in this video really hard

    • 33 Ivo Goncalves Junior

      Phil X rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 34 rockynashfilms

      The show was 6 months ago.

    • 35 Guilherme g

      No fucking way he is 44. He looks like 30

    • 36 Isaiah Boyd

      Esp should make a Phil X signature Viper

    • 37 OptoOcto

      @Konascrapuser “Except for the time I got beat by a girl” 🙂

    • 38 Dylan Schien

      dude where can i get the drills shirt at?

    • 39 rockynashfilms

      @braddudeguy I’ve coached skydiving in Winnipeg on two occasions. Nice
      sunsets there!

    • 40 Thiago Gomes

      I masturbate with this song! UP THIS SHIT!

    • 41 CrystalSkiesMusic

      I do

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