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Scrap Parts Of Air Hockey Table


neighbors let me to save some part of their air hockey table, was on his way to the landfill.

Promotional Video of the middle -1990, is the story of the 1991 National Air Hockey Championships, where Tim Weissman fight for his fifth consecutive national title against 11-time world champion Jesse Douty was told.
Video Rating: 4/5

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    • 1 david wilson

      hi do you still have the air hockey table parts would buy them…thanks for my kids

    • 2 brunoshow124

      i just grabbed a small air hockey table, and it has a smaller 36 watt xinruilian fan that i kept. i also have the grille

    • 3 jcrowley1985

      I’m thinking attach them to a board and you got yourself a hoverboard.

    • 4 james42519

      too bad you couldn’t get the whole thing.

    • 5 shango066

      I was wondering where you have been

    • 6 James Moore

      Joe Campbell!!! I know that dude!

    • 7 unlikelymoose

      We all should honor and respect the blazing glory that is Air Hockey.

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