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Review of Air Hockey Table

rhino brand air-hockey table , escalade sports review….they fail !


company CEO is giving thumbs down on this video thru her sock puppet accounts….lol, too bad i already give his stupid customer service support a fail. hey …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

My friend came over to watch the walking dead and I decided to test a game I hadn’t played yet in the Playroom: Air hockey! The following footage you’re abou…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    • 1 Jordan Bradshaw

      My rhyno table is about 8 years old and thhe only problem I’ve had was the
      score board. I looked underneath the table and found out that the wires
      came loose. I put them back which wasn’t the easiest. But never had
      problems after. I always polish and cover the table and poke. The holes
      once in awhile

    • 2 NCC Youth

      hit the reset button and the clock will count down and it will keep score.

    • 3 Eric31411

      I have an 8ft. Great American, without the optional electronic scorer.. it
      has been a great table. Even top of the line arcade games sometimes have
      their electronics become defective, whether it’s air hockey, pinball,
      skeeball, etc. that’s why I knew to get my table with manual scoring. most
      of these games only have a one-year warranty, and it can be pricey to fix
      the problem, since there aren’t many electronic repairmen left in the
      arcade games industry..

    • 4 Dilly Vue

      were you basemnt or college

    • 5 Laurie Wheeler

      My kids told me that our score board was not keeping score just as this one
      was doing. There are plugs on the bottom of each side of the score board,
      kind of like phone cords plug in. Come to find out, they came unplug
      through the course of playing and just needed to be plugged back into the
      bottom. I bet you would find this is the problem with this same system if
      you checked this out by detaching the score board and looking at the bottom
      to see if it was still attached. Just a suggestion.

    • 6 Laurzieluvsutube

      Escalade Sports has TERRIBLE customer service. I am in the same boat. I
      called them about an air hockey table I have that won’t keep score. They
      were completely unhelpful and said my air hockey table was obsolute. My
      husband took it apart and found what was wrong… a bad rocker switch. Of
      course they say they don’t have the switches, which I highly doubt. We’ll
      do our business at Radio Shack and fix the problem ourselves. I will never
      do business with Escalade Sports again.

    • 7 Agung Prawista

      hi bro, I just wanna ask, I just bought ps4 and wondering can we play
      motion game like wii in here? if yes, what should i buy to play

    • 8 XSparkProject

      🙁 I WANT THE PS4

    • 9 Coyotesphx

      Hey are the loading screens faster than the ps3?

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