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Q&A: how does an air hockey table work?


Question by rocknrolltrekkie: how does an air hockey table work?

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Answer by Cat
Little air fairies send air into the tiny holes by beating their gossamer wings. What else could it be?

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    • 1 Haydo

      An air hockey table has a fan below the surface blowing air into the table. If you look at the top of the table, there are lots of small holes, the air comes up through them beneath the puck, and the puck floats on the cushion of air below it (similar principle to the hovercraft). That is how the garden variety hockey table works.

    • 2 Jelani

      Anybody looking for answers can find it here:

      In a nut shell, there are holes drilled in the tables surface. Beneath the table is a fan that pressurizes air through these holes allowing the puck to float. You can learn more by reading the article I shared.

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