Air Hockey Table Site review

Review of Air Hockey Table

Playing random games online – 1 Ikoncity Airhockey


I suck in random games online ­čÖé Game here;sa=play;game=55.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    • 1 saad benammar

      travel´╗┐ agency

    • 2 Patel Vidhu

      I like air hockey. nice´╗┐ game.

    • 3 Senpai Sunbae

      De ah├ş sigue el anaranjado que´╗┐ es el mas complicado

    • 4 armada02

      can’t´╗┐ beat level 7 :/

    • 5 Tobias Ovesen

      Fuck this´╗┐ game, never got past 7.

    • 6 Pedro Lima

      yeah, i think its impossible, he´╗┐ follows the ball at each second, if u win its beacause i lags with the ball and auto-scores.´╗┐

    • 7 TheYugioh93

      I got 2 Level 8 on that´╗┐ game a couple of times and I find it almost impossible 2 beat!

    • 8 TheDevilHawkFilms

      I keep getting to the green opponent. (Level 7 right?). I´╗┐ never beat that one.


      me too!´╗┐

    • 10 eduM97

      Nice song.. and good playing, I arrived at green opponent and i’m looking for a video with all levels.. but i´╗┐ don’t find it T . T

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