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Review of Air Hockey Table

Minecraft Air Hockey


Download: Minecraft My rendition of the popular air hockey game. Music at the end is by Kevin MacLeod cipher. observe the current world champion of air hockey at the U.S. Open. An amazing hand-eye cordination, agility, tim …

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    • 1 Imran Meco


    • 2 Dave Glyph

      golems are also fans cheering for the players

    • 3 Patrick Zhao

      ive one that with carts before

    • 4 BudderGirl58


    • 5 Drew Lampa

      no you play to 7

    • 6 Tim Steiner

      “gol” engine physics

    • 7 TheIslamicGamer101

      where does the “waste” go?

    • 8 ButterSquids

      I was thinking of mindcrack world download please!

    • 9 toby lindsay


    • 10 Drew Neiburger

      All of ur vids are fucking genius

    • 11 Justin Greven

      This is the best thing EVAH

    • 12 Justin Greven

      lol HAHAHAAH

    • 13 tankerboy5


    • 14 funfun1152

      lol gg

    • 15 Nathan Kaltenbrun


    • 16 iStone

      The same thing when you don’t like a commend and press 1-3-3-7.

    • 17 omgwtfcori


    • 18 Eric Pham


    • 19 Martina Biddinger

      no 2 to 3

    • 20 theTinykingA

      how does the minecart slide?

    • 21 The Awe Of Some

      OR you can click any part of youtube THEN press 1337

    • 22 LegoGod663

      this is neat

    • 23 lorddimertelo2231

      we r leet u r noob

    • 24 joao andre


    • 25 UltraRicardopp

      This is superb

    • 26 Hundredthperson

      this video slows the puck down a lot….i’ve played with one of these
      guys…it’s harder than it looks

    • 27 shelldalebrits


    • 28 realityMASTERMIND

      HAHA! CRAZY! I didnt know this even existed! Time to write Air Hockey
      Secrets Revealed ebook Lewis!

    • 29 Franco Galiano

      mate learn to hold it right

    • 30 Matt McKinnon

      Wanna see what the best air hockey player in the world looks like? He’s on
      Youtube. Check out, “I can beat you at air hockey” You won’t be

    • 31 ballsthatclank

      this is really douchey…pro ping-pong is fucking elite.

    • 32 luancps03

      da hora eim

    • 33 LordWedgewood

      And… we have another sport where it’s actually more entertaining to watch
      a couple of friends doing it for a laugh than it is to watch the best
      pro’s. The only other one I can think of is ten pin bowling.

    • 34 ihatej00poo

      all you guys saying you play fast do it cuz yall dont know how to aim a
      shot or keep control of the puck. try to hit a puck in with these guys, i
      bet u theyd block it, hold it in their side juggling it around, then shoot
      it back at your ass and watch you miss

    • 35 Sabre Wulf

      i once played air hockey in a arcade and the thing was pimped out!!!

    • 36 Czechmate0123

      The champion at the time is on the right (Ehab Shoukry) He was defeated in
      the finals by the current champion and close friend of his Danny Hynes

    • 37 Erekle Antadze

      I play this game much faster… this guys suck 🙁 I’m sorry…

    • 38 Dilly Vue


    • 39 Daniel Meyer

      I think what you folks are missing is that there’s a lot of deception and
      strategy going on. That’s why it’s slow paced. Going up there willy-nilly
      like you see kids in an arcade is suicide. This is physical chess played at
      a high level.

    • 40 jaegerbomb55

      I bet these guys are pulling mad ass..

    • 41 Helen Wang

      Defense is the best offense

    • 42 szymondajer

      click 7!!!!!!!

    • 43 WeKilledStar

      Its slower paced than I thought air hockey at this level would be

    • 44 InsomniatriC

      Being the World’s best air hockey player is kind of like being the world’s
      tallest midget. To me air hockey is a game I play with my friends
      sometimes, I didn’t even know it was considered a competitive sport. I’ll
      go watch a real sport. MMA. Watching Anderson “The Spider” Silva (aka the
      best fighter currently and of all time) knock people into next week is
      somehow more entertaining.

    • 45 ihatej00poo

      @dwarfdance catching the ball by putting the thing on it would be pretty
      much the same as stopping it with your bare hand before hitting it. if you
      watch these guys closely, you can see that the way they stop the puck is by
      circling around it

    • 46 Eustake

      Which one of them was the champion?

    • 47 obitew

      I have never played by official us rules of this game but very easily
      control the puck at a pace of about 25% faster and shoot over 50% faster
      then these two… Sadly I have developed a defense where I often “top” the
      puck.. I would be interested in developing a technique to suit all the us
      rules and try against some of these guys.. Most of how I play would be
      acceptable by the us rules.. Any tournaments in Canada ever??

    • 48 ClouDyAly

      air hockey is much more fun when your playing with your friends… this
      looks boring

    • 49 AltoStratus619

      @dwarfdance putting the mallet over the puck its the worst fault you can
      do, at least in my book.

    • 50 rbaleksandar

      The guy on the left is constantly in the field of the right player. Dunno
      the rules but this looks wrong.

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