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LGR – Slam! – Windows PC Game Review


Air hockey games. For Windows 3.1, there isn’t much choice. Fortunately, there is Robert Epps’ Slam! It’s no Shufflepuck Cafe but it’s still a nifty little shareware game from 1993, with solid controls, customization and evil AI. It’s now freeware, and even works (mostly) on Windows 7! Game Download & Info:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    28 responses so far ↓

    • 1 jango1968

      played that back in the day pity it doesn’t work on windows 7

    • 2 theflyingmusician1

      Oh aye, I remember playing this back in the day 🙂

    • 3 eolfeci

      I remember playing this game! It was fun (for a while) 🙂

    • 4 eolfeci

      I really love that intro segment with the satisfying cola drinking and rad music.

    • 5 MPSecare

      this game was so awesome!
      *Click Click*

    • 6 livixxxhimym

      i really want to see a reiew of happy wheels 🙂

    • 7 PhoticSneeze

      You could customize the colors? Mind. Blown.

    • 8 Damage535

      Yeah, sorry for the late reply, I meant the whole shareware disc, but I found it! It has classics on it like Castle of the Winds and stuff :P

    • 9 Cobma Co

      I recommend this blog everybody, and all files(games) on this blog really work

    • 10 Starfire612

      Do you have Paulie Python? That would be a nice Windows game to review

    • 11 xXxMartin96xXx


    • 12 Haloguydev

      Little did AceOfFaces know that one year from his comment, Happy Wheels would become the “in” game for people to make Let’s Plays of.

    • 13 phreakindee

      There’s a download link to the game in the video description.

    • 14 Damage535

      I know you posted this a while ago, but if you can find the disc, would you be able to make an ISO of it and upload it to rapidshare or mediafire or something? Trying to find a copy online but it’s impossible.

    • 15 Waterclaw

      I remember playing something very similar on the mac :3

    • 16 megamanrocks99


    • 17 unconditionalbranch

      Ha! Click n Play, I remember that! 😀

    • 18 ImperatorZed

      Good god, I remember this. It was on one of those CDs you talked about with 300 games on it (literally). I played the hell out of that CD. Can you do Microman? That was also on there. I played it for ages, but today it doesn’t hold up too well, but it still works and is interesting.

    • 19 szabotihamer16

      Here’s a registration code for the game: 0001100117800809

    • 20 crashnburner187


    • 21 kshadehyaena

      Oh my god Klik & Play, do you plan on showing that some time?

    • 22 TheRealDutchOwner

      It should work better on Windows 8 than Windows 7. Windows 8 has 16-bit support and runs Windows 3.1 games fine. I actually have a game that wouldn’t work on XP, Vista or 7 without a patch, Windows 8 however didn’t need that patch and ran the game fine after installing it. 

    • 23 megamanrocks99

      Better than Skyrim.

    • 24 UberMan5000

      I remember having this game on a Windows 95 shareware pack called Games Platinum. It was awesome! I’ve still got the Games Platinum disc sitting around the house somewhere, but I don’t have a computer that can run it anymore.

    • 25 TheJjackson114

      oops flash

    • 26 HmongZboy

      i want one but not to sell

    • 27 bmigaming

      It does have a great design – See our other video posted on 2/11/2012 showing the Shark in a nightclub for its awesome LED and undertable lighting effects !

    • 28 Chicknwings

      Oh wow, this rely does have a wonderful design to it. The colors for it are also a nice added touch. Wouldn’t mind getting something like this for my game room.

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