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Is a 6ft pool table appropriate?


question of Khary Morgan : Is a 6ft pool table appropriate ?
I previously owned a 7ft pool table (see below), which turned into an air hockey table. However, I hardly play because it’s too big for my room to impair the ability to make shots. To play ok Does a 6ft feel Best Answer:

Brew City
are plenty of toys, yes answer. I think you could get something out of pockets balls at them, but it’s not like playing on a real pool table.

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    • 1 Khary Morgan

      You can get a good game out of a 6ft if that’s what you mean!

    • 2 Vegas Matt

      It’s a fine toy for children, but if you are a pool player you will hate it. It will not play even remotely similar to what you’d find at a bar or pool hall.

    • 3 keith

      Any size is ok to play/practice on as a matter of fact, when you are a beginner it is probably better to play on a smaller table to give you more confidence. I have a 9 foot table and love it, but it is very common for friends who come over to play to get discouraged because they don’t make as many good shots as they are used to making. It is simply because it is a bit harder to be as successful, when the pockets are all farther away.

    • 4 Dan

      The smaller the table, the more area the balls occupy,ruining what shots you know.
      The example shown IS a 7 ft.

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