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Review of Air Hockey Table

How To Measure A Pool Table


In this video we demonstrate how to measure your pool table. Using this method, you can determine whether your pool table is a 7 ft, Home 8 ft, Pro 8 ft, or …
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Rita plays 14.1.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    • 1 Vicks VapoRub

      thank you, exactly what i was looking for. appreciate it….

    • 2 Amran Ali

      i want to get a table that turns into pool table, anyone know”s where to
      buy one from????

    • 3 sleadsmoke1

      Good luck max! You going to be at hard times in feb?

    • 4 Jaime Maniac

      I’m lovin the way she play!

    • 5 Mostafa Mamdouh

      hi Rita

    • 6 DamienLuu

      Now I AM envy of you, Max! 🙂

    • 7 Ww2fighter1

      Shes cute how she lays her chin on the cue shes really cute!!!

    • 8 Christopher Fitzgerald

      she is HOT

    • 9 Robert Johnson

      Well done Rita on that big table with small pockets!

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