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Review of Air Hockey Table

How to make your own Air Hockey Table


Homemade Air Hockey Table with blue led lighting. Keywords: homemade, home made, air hockey, airhockey, table, selfmade, diy, DIY, wood, hairdryer, 1080p, 72…
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    • 1 lolmonsta345

      for the top part with the holes drilled in, can you tell me what the dimension are? and each of the panels for this project please?? i need urgent

    • 2 coinpushernl

      Plexiglas for sure but making the holes in plexiglas is a lot harder in my opinion

    • 3 Josh Alexiev

      Hey mate. I was thinking of doing a table myself. Do you think using polished plywood or plexiglas would be better?

    • 4 sourdezell

      i thought the table blew air not sucked

    • 5 Adilah Tajudin

      where can i put the hairdryer box?

    • 6 Adilah Tajudin

      where can i place the hair dryer box?

    • 7 coinpushernl


    • 8 FreeOnGoal

      do you think i can use pc-fans instead of the hairdryer? maybe 2-3 fans?

    • 9 coinpushernl

      About € 45,- without lighting.

    • 10 wizardguy82

      how much did this cost to build

    • 11 coinpushernl

      Tools: Handsaw, drill, screwdriver. Materials: Wood, glue, screws, a glue that stays flexible (i don’t how its called in English), some wiring, switch, led lighting, 1 o2 2mm. drill bit (not sure).

    • 12 Demonicriot666

      Oh and please tell me everything you used, and tools etc, would highly appreciate it!!

    • 13 coinpushernl

      The box is 120cm x 61cm and is 10cm deep. Try to find an powerfull hairdryer to be sure your puck floats. Also make everything air-tight.

    • 14 Demonicriot666

      Im making this for a project at my school, im year 11 do you think you could gi me some tips? maybe a more decribing tutorial?

    • 15 coinpushernl

      It would probably work fine.

    • 16 Mike Hawk

      What would happen if I were to use a fan that is about 24 inches across or 2 hair dryers?

    • 17 coinpushernl

      To get the puck floating

    • 18 Al Notaduck

      why would i need a hairdryer ? i don’t understand that part

    • 19 coinpushernl

      I don’t speak arabic, only dutch and english i’m from the Netherlands, my email is

    • 20 abode sak

      Are you Arabic ? i am speak arabic > can You give me your email ??

    • 21 coinpushernl

      If your moter sucks at 1 side then blows it at the opposite site. So just flip your fan so that he blows air into the box. Sorry for my bad english.

    • 22 abode sak

      ? Can I use a suction fan

    • 23 Tolbok

      Sorry bro, I didn’t mean it like that. I usually use a tiny drill bit, drill the holes then finish it off with the bigger size I need. I’m retracting my earlier statement

    • 24 coinpushernl

      Have you ever tried to drill a square hole at an angle of 45 degrees where the wood is 25,46mm thick. I got no help from anybody.

    • 25 Tolbok

      FAAAKE 1:13 how could he build the whole thing and then drill such sloppy holes. This guy had help at some point

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