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Review of Air Hockey Table

How to buy a pool table, Billiards Buyers Guide


buying a pool table Hi, I’m Andy Prefontaine from Family Leisure and we’re talking pool tables. Now, specifically slate pool tab …
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    • 1 gunnatez

      Brilliant video

    • 2 Basil Baker

      @bg048 most bar tables are 8′ while the pros play on a 9′ surface. Both are acceptable. Most important consideration in selecting size is the playing area around your table. Best practice is to allow a minimum of 5.5′ clearance in all directions. So, a 9′ table requires a room measuring 20′ x 15.5”

    • 3 MrBBM1

      Great info. Thank you.

    • 4 bg048

      This video was helpful, but the only thing I need to know is whats the difference between the sizes of the pool tables?

    • 5 cabsk8er7

      I have a cue stick that is two halves, one being golden, and the other sold, textured, black. It comes in a case with a sticker on it title “Cue Tee, Winters International INC. It is possibly pretty old. The case is black. What is any info on how much its worth? Thx.

    • 6 Noah Williams

      I watched this video before shopping for a pool table and found it to be very helpful. I visited a few different retailers and came to find that Family Leisure really has a great selection and the prices (surprisingly) were better than anywhere. My Salesman, Ryan was informative and he even gave me free installation! I feel very confident that I purchased the best quality pool table that I could allow in my budget. They are installing my pool table this week! Thanks Family Leisure – Great !

    • 7 Jeremy Dearringer

      Awesome video on buying a pool table. I noticed a cheap pool table at a big box store once and wondered why it was so cheap. I could easily tell that the surface seemed super cheap. Now that I’ve seen this video I realized that it didn’t even use slate. Thanks for a super informative video!

    • 8 Jesse James

      I recently installed a table from Family Leisure in my gameroom and I wanted to thank you. I was very impressed by the quality and how well the table plays. It looks fantastic and after seeing your video here I can see why the table is so great. Thank you for sharing the info and a perfect purchasing experience. This is the best table I’ve had in the last 15 years, you guys are awesome!

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