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Question by Häschen Mädchen: Fixing an air hockey table?
Hello! I’m trying to fix an air hockey table that our family bought at our church’s yard sale yesterday for $ 20. I think that the electronic scoreboard works ok (although I don’t have any batteries for it yet, so I haven’t tested it out myself), but my main concern is the air holes – not much air comes out of them. I’m not sure if it’s because the table is old, if there’s something wrong with the table, or if that’s just how air hockey tables are supposed to be. Some of the holes have a normal flow of air coming out of them. Other holes have little or no air coming out, though. So I’m not sure if something is clogged up, or if it’s a wiring problem, or what. I just finished checking out the wiring in it, and everything looks fine (Although, I’m only a teenager using my dad’s electrical textbooks and his guidance [He’s an electrician] to try to fix this table. So I’m not an air hockey table or electricity expert or anything.)

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong with it? It would be really cool if I could fix it up so my brother and I could play!

Thanks in advance! 🙂
Thanks, Lyris! I checked the air holes…it looks like someone had spilled soda all over the table, and there was gum and some sort of candy in some of the air holes. (That doesn’t surprise me at all. We bought it from my youth pastor’s family, and they have 2 little boys…) I’m going to check the compressor and see if that might be a problem.

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Answer by Pearl L
maybe someone at the church knows how to fix it, but i bet thats why it was at the yard sale

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