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Dodge vs. GMC vs. Nissan at Spring Creek


Dodge, GMC, and Nissan compete on this small hill climb (100% grade) at Spring Creek Off Road. very muddy and slick, which will make it? Dodge and GMC are o …

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    • 1 Scorpion

      Nissan like a BOSS….

    • 2 SanDiegoRiders TV

      Damn that Nissan was smoooooooth up that hill!!

    • 3 TheBosco23

      My ram 1500 can do better idling than what you guys just did

    • 4 Live or die

      European engineering wins.

    • 5 hmglor

      That GM need some better tires

    • 6 Ken B

      I had a 1942 4 cyl flat head wwII jeep in Hawaii back in the 70’s, 80’s.I
      had a nice set of large off road tires. My buddies were installing V8’s in
      their four wheel drive vehicles. With my super light vehicle and low
      gearing, I could cruise by them uphill. The bottom line is weight overrides
      power and kills your uphill potential {in a muddy situation}

    • 7 James Justice

      That last vehicle had lockers in it.

    • 8 paul gates

      fuck yeah man! dat nissan! thats japanese motors for ya!

    • 9 Ryan Bennett

      Maybe because those were stock trucks and the Nissan had a lift…just

    • 10 ...g

      Stupid Google+.

    • 11 CLCCVIDEO

      And this nissan is like, fuck all y’all stupid trucks. Lol

    • 12 Jaylin Johnson

      ram baby

    • 13 uper azz

      why did you turn?!…….why did you fuckin’ turn?!

    • 14 Lorenzo Aisaican

      Good way to snap your axel

    • 15 Rogue351

      Tires, bald tires make for poor traction.

    • 16 jim

      Gmc though man xD

    • 17 Dozerbeatz

      Really, so many flaws in comparison. Weight,wheel base, Ground clearance,
      same angle if entrance and path.Of course a smaller, lighter, vehicle with
      shorter wheel base can make the climb, where as a long heavy vehicle will
      not. Its not rocket science.

    • 18 danrichard13

      lol he got owned.

    • 19 Alan Vail

      I have never known anyone that has owned a ford for one year without
      something going wrong with it

    • 20 Jay K

      They need a ford for that

    • 21 Keith Peters

      Whats the point?

    • 22 Reid Wagner

      Agreed. That hill looks like a job for a Jeep! =D

    • 23 Nathan Noell

      The dodge sounded better though

    • 24 Albert Richard

      Wow that was really surprising…. I’m a dodge guy. And I love dodges I
      think they’re built with so much quality compared to all other trucks
      besides chevy… chevy makes good quality trucks. They last for long
      periods of time. But when the nissan just went right up that…. that
      really blew my mind.

    • 25 Anubis Ra

      Hhhhh :))) I still cant believe and understand how people are watching and
      commenting on those sort of videos,while still cant recognize Toyota from
      Nissan:D Obviously they cant read too :))) God..God…

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