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DIY Air Hockey Table


Do you want to build your own air hockey table? This five-star instructable tells you how to do it: !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    • 1 Gruven Haus


    • 2 snadderp

      @casvandegoor alright, I’ll get started then 🙂 thanks

    • 3 Dilly Vue

      its ok but its look so longer, you might want to shorten alittle bit !

    • 4 Lorenzo Rodriguez

      Where can i get a fan for a air hockey table?

    • 5 Kreepy Pasta

      @jflex13579 … an MD Sports table(generic brand but good quality)at Sears
      on clearance in Crystal Lake Illinois, i recommend an octagon or triangle
      puck, they rebound real fast..goto Sears because I think they’re on the
      verge of bankruptcy due to their 24% interest rate on credit and America’s
      crap economy = theres always stuff on clearence now.

    • 6 snadderp

      good job guys! I was thinking of making this thing myself, however on the
      side of the blower it says 99dB.. I was just wondering, isn’t that just
      annoyingly loud?

    • 7 AllDamiano95

      very good job. but where the air comes out?

    • 8 jflex13579

      newbutthunt were did he buy it from

    • 9 Kreepy Pasta

      better off just buyin a table, my friend just got a full size table with
      scoreboard and accesories for $200 new.

    • 10 differences83

      Where did you buy the leaf blower for €40??

    • 11 snadderp

      where did you get the materials for the air inlet? I cant find a PVC muff
      and plate anywhere (ps. zijn jullie ook nederlands?) :]

    • 12 snadderp

      nice, wij hebben er uiteindelijk ook iets op gevonden 🙂 hij werkt idd prima

    • 13 CFPlayerz

      that is beast Bro luck sht

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