Air Hockey Table Site review

Review of Air Hockey Table

BB Playbook Free Game Review – “Air Hockey”


Air Hockey for the BlackBerry playbook. Fun, good graphics play best of all, it’s free Check App world thanks for watching comment share sub.

Blog Post – Ovi Store Link – Paid version – Ovi Store Link – Free version – http://store. ovi. com / con …
Video Rating: 4/5

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    • 1 kenjuma

      @crippa1983 This is way better than that game on the Galaxy S in the link
      you provide. Here the puck actually does what you’d expect from it.

    • 2 bandora

      @gavrilaeugen The problem is that some of the N8’s that has been shipped
      from the China factory had a missing battery spacer, so the battery would
      come off and won’t go back in, hence it dying. But that’s only limited to a
      very small number of N8’s. And Nokia will take care of the problem for free
      of course.

    • 3 07liberian

      @gavrilaeugen Haha It Works Fine On N8.

    • 4 crippa1983

      LOOOL nokia sucks look at this game on samsung galaxy s /watch?v=lzOnX-hLI0w

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