Air Hockey Table Site review

Review of Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey World Championships


Over 70 of the best air hockey players on the planet vie for the world champion title. The three day competition took place at The Riviera, featuring competi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    • 1 mrceebees14


    • 2 Leo Coster

      Gay yay

    • 3 SoulrapMusic

      hahahahahahahaha damn you made my day bro hahaha

    • 4 tannerYz42

      “it brings out everybody’s sports animal” LOL

    • 5 Alex Pino

      I bet I’d do good at this…I’m undefeated and usually always go 7-0 wins.

    • 6 champjohnston

      yea i play air hockey so im a vitgin

    • 7 Mauro Cigliuti

      This guy is the air hockey champion of the world… except for the time he
      got beat by a girl! chanananaaa nanana naa Wooo, wooo!

    • 8 giggs102


    • 9 Guilha Gomes

      yes they alot slow

    • 10 markco2

      Bad marketing! lol. However, these guys are awesome at it. I’ve been to
      these tournaments, i know.

    • 11 lilkidmon

      wtf,i didnt even know this existed

    • 12 Zach Gonzalez


    • 13 Tory Evans

      @rootberry i’m haveing trouble posting a link, but it’s the website

    • 14 IwannaBEamerican

      Where is Phil X? 😀

    • 15 ias015

      dang no life

    • 16 markco2

      Ever heard of ‘Red Bull’? They were one of the sponsors this year.

    • 17 zachary money

      I am 2 months into air hockey it is my dream to become the world champion i
      have beaten 41 people in MO.

    • 18 Matt Miller

      @mEhErika me2 😀

    • 19 Alex Pino

      @NFLfan800 Thanks NFLfan800.

    • 20 Andreasbl91

      Athletic WTF!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

    • 21 THEfreshIMBER

      you have to be athletic *player leans over hockey table with huge beer gut*

    • 22 GeauxSaints7

      @smurfarooney2003 hahahahahahaha

    • 23 Sicks96

      Psh asians… Theyre good at jyst about everything .. >:€

    • 24 rootberry

      Is there a one one stop place to find out about competitive air hockey?

    • 25 Tamile Eelam

      i been playing for air hockey for over an year. i played many many times
      during this. i learned many many skills, strategies all on my own. my own
      skills, my own defencing strategies and so on. i played with adults, people
      who have been playing air hockey since 20 years. and i have successfully
      beaten them and all have recommended me to join a club like this. i AM
      better and will come noticeable. therefore please let me know more in this
      info. air hockey, like other sports req state of mind.

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