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Air Hockey Table


Find more here. Hardware Ingenuity is about using materials found in hardware stores…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

AHRobot is an air hockey robot player build using standard RepRap 3D printer parts: electronics, motors, drivers, bearings, belts… and a DIY air hockey tab…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    27 responses so far ↓

    • 1 blipblop92

      need more ‘bouncy’ material for the walls…

    • 2 FreeOnGoal

      how big is the holes?

    • 3 Sky Howard

      I wander how well it will do against a pro air hockey player

    • 4 VitekSTZero

      Oh yea, that’s very cool project!

      What is the music used in this video?

    • 5 Mr. Baskins

      Can we pit two against one another and see how long it takes for them to
      wave white flags?

    • 6 Master-Antonio

    • 7 szezone

      Make 2 of those and let them fight each other :D

    • 8 Limor Fried

      Air Hockey Robot Project (a 3D printer hack)

    • 9 TJ Anderson

      This is awesome! A robot that is better than you at air hockey.
      Such a creative combination of open source software and parts. 

    • 10 Jordan Clymer

      I wouldn’t mind having one of these.

    • 11 Presto Chango


    • 12 Daumantas B

      You should make difficulty levels so that your robot could make “mistakes”

    • 13 LordBrickMaster

      What happens when you score does it rage and blow up?

    • 14 Mr.pineapple202

      How to build this?!??!??! :D

    • 15 Marco Cameriero

      *Air Hockey Robot Project (a 3D printer hack)*

      Inizialmente *Jose Julio* voleva costruire una stampante 3D poi invece ha
      pensato di fare qualcosa di diverso, qualcosa di sicuramente più
      divertente, ed ecco cosa ne è venuto fuori.

      E il progetto è open source condiviso su GitHub.
      Se siete curiosi, qui dovreste trovare tutte le informazioni che vi servono:

    • 16 hipnocesar

      You just won another subscriber!

    • 17 Sawideo

    • 18 SlipknotMaggot0526

      This should definitely be put in arcades. If there are any left.

    • 19 Alexei Timofeev

    • 20

      Muy buen proyecto de robótica, Air Hockey Robot Air Hockey Robot Project (a
      3D printer hack)

    • 21 Valerio Tognozzi

      A 3D printing inspired Air Hockey Table arrives just in time for the Winter
      Olympics: Air Hockey Robot Project (a 3D printer hack) #GoCanadaGo

    • 22 Eliel Sanchez

      Que tal, me parece bastante bueno este proyecto, me gusto, yo estoy
      haciendo algo muy parecido, pero tengo algunas preguntas¿no se si me puedas
      ayudar con mi proyecto a resolver algunas cosas?

    • 23 Vincent Labatut

    • 24 Taipei Hackerspace

      Full writeup:

    • 25 Colin Kilburn

      #3dprinter Air Hockey Robot is better than you. 

    • 26 Zul Hilmi

      “Can You Beat Me?” :D

    • 27 Kirill Fox

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