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Air Hockey Masters – Robbins v. Luscombe – Game 3


a game three is in a battle between Mark Robbins and Travis Luscombe in the winners bracket of the 2005 Texas State Open Air Hockey tournament. This is p …
Video Rating: 4/5

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    • 1 SCryder07

      LOL these faggots actually take this seriously?

    • 2 SuperAvies

      If Spelling Bees, Poker, and Pool are on ESPN, this deserves to be on there too.

    • 3 iamhungey12345

      I wonder what would happen if someone takes air hockey a bit too seriously.

    • 4 Jesus Chan

      not true. no mallet is wide enough to cover the entire goal, and if you were to idle, it would be pretty easy to be beaten

    • 5 305paintballfreak

      i love playing this but i dont think ill be able to play this couse im retarted enough to make it in my one goal

    • 6 StrawhatxLuffy

      how to never lose? just put your puck in front of your goal and they’ll never score a point, but you can’t score too

    • 7 nathan olney


    • 8 Mason Spangler

      Yeah I noticed that, maybe it gives an advantage somehow? 😛

    • 9 Mason Spangler

      You can’t say it is boring without playing professionally.
      I for one find it exciting.

    • 10 Da boss

      these guys suc donkey dick

    • 11 zcar187


    • 12 bunkrys

      two fags

    • 13 bbbbbb222222

      If this is was going pro means, I prefer to stay amateur. Like bruce lee said “a beginner sees thousands of things to do when confrontated with a situation, a professional will only see 1 or 2” you get better results, but at cost of having fun, pass.

    • 14 RettMikhal

      Ugh, their patterns are so repetitive. Congratulations, professional air hockey has done the impossible and made air hockey boring. Where are the shots and returns so fast people can’t track them? Where are the volleys? Where are the deflections? It’s all that stupid mind game they play circling it. Plus I hate it when they use the edge like it’s a fucking weapon.

    • 15 vtc220

      holy shit that dudes bald

    • 16 wna4100

      Man, I used to play air hockey with my dad. But we didn’t do this.

    • 17 thierryman

      I have to use the other grips.  The “knobs” are a pain to use.

    • 18 Desirsar

      That’s called “palming”, and it is illegal. Touching it in any way gives a hand serve to the opponent, stopping a shot that was on target results in a penalty.

      The players you see here very likely never touch the puck with their hands using this grip.

    • 19 Ironeyes07

      I absolutely hate how people play using their hands on the edge of their paddle. When their fucking hand hangs over the edge of it, they are able to stop shots with their hand. That should be illegal.

    • 20 Rob Jacobs

      sometimes it is a spectator’s sport because i was winning every game at a bar last night and there were about 10 people behind me chearing for me.

    • 21 JilliansIndianapolis

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    • 22 aeTynoT562

      tat look fun

    • 23 stefanojuve96

      io sono molto + bravo…

    • 24 Laucheehung

      cheap, that guy dribbles in his court too much

    • 25 koolzed1

      i sick at air hockey i won 20 game and drew 1 but losy 5 (but that when when started 2 play) one of game i found a good trick and won (i called ‘the zed’)

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