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Review of Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Master Bedroom Match


Subscribe to The Creatures: Max and Dan face off in an epic air hockey match to determine who gets the master bedroom. – – – – – – – Web…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    25 responses so far ↓

    • 1 connor ortiz

      Where did gassy go?

    • 2 Hefty Guy

      That’s probably why gassy got kicked out

    • 3 Lycan Viking

      That Skyrim soundtrack in the background makes me want to power up the PS3
      and play some TES. Too bad it overheated…

    • 4 The Radioactive Birds

      Anyone notice the Skyrim music in the beginning?

    • 5 That1Rebel

      man i miss these times

    • 6 SkodaGMS

      Danz has lost some weight since then. Congrats to him! ^u^

    • 7 Jacob Eagle

      Dat final goal doh XD

    • 8 ghostlygrouch

      Seeing this made me miss the days when I used to go to an arcade with my
      best friend just to play air hockey.. It was so fun. 

    • 9 Michael Yee

      *sigh* I still wish max was a part of the creatures again… but then again
      now he plays with nanners and chilled, so he got that going for him, which
      is nice.

    • 10 adam pritchett

      this is why they kicked max out of the group 

    • 11 hobosrule11

      This predicted Germany vs Brazil.

    • 12 the6thsense212

      Germany Brazil game 

    • 13 lianac

      aww Dan xD

    • 14 GAYPAINLS

      Is this why Dan wanted to kick Max out?

    • 15 DragonFable COC

      i can beat max for sure im a pro

    • 16 Gidget Cooper

      I often wondered if Max & Seamus ever met. Both are sarcastic & witty. Now
      I realise they’ve both been Creatures. Mystery Solved 😛 

    • 17 Jay Cook

      wot happen to max in thecreature

    • 18 innplore

      Dan is so hilarious I love him!

      To everyone thinking this is why Max left- it’s NOT. Dan, Koots, Max, and
      some of the other creatures made videos on it if you wanna know why.

    • 19 kip1130

      Damn its already been 2 years since this vid

    • 20 ShadowSerris

      SPOILER: Dan wins.

    • 21 MemefoolPlays

      We all know who the winner is…someone who isn’t in the creatures
      anymore…yeah GG

    • 22 TheLegendOfWes

      Damn dude.

    • 23 TheAtomicVapor

      That’s a shitty table, pucks aren’t supposed to fly out every time you make
      a hard shot, mine doesn’t fly out even with the hardest shot.

    • 24 TheMrcooll


    • 25 Isaiah Andino

      Is some skyrim music playing in the background

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