Air Hockey Table Site review

Review of Air Hockey Table

air-hockey Bisping Falls Down ~ !!!


press 8 . WATCH MORE TUF VIDEOS HERE: Air Hockey BiSPiNG vs MAYHEM Ryan Parsons Danny Perez Rob McCullough Darren Morris Brady Fink Tiki …

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    25 responses so far ↓

    • 1 HellmuthOnTilt4

      hahaha, ide take that fall for $10,000 any day though

    • 2 hankheavy

      Like you do everyday, Dana. Showing your fat greedy fuckface infront of
      millions of people.

    • 3 Jim Hawking

      nature had to slap bisping upside his head for enjoying life to much 

    • 4 2PacsFatherAGAIN

      @Thosegreasymeatballs hours of fun :))

    • 5 Max HulkSMASH

      hahaha he tried to ply it off.. we all saw u bisping

    • 6 ajh90210

      He fell harder than getting a H-B0MB

    • 7 ZombieKiller1348

      Liddell/Couture? Franklin/Hughes? Pearson/Sotiropoulos? Wanderlei/Vitor?

    • 8 Marcus Sewell

      cecil peoples scores this bout 29-28 gravity

    • 9 Corby Oliver

      Faber/Cruz was the military challenge with guns Jones/Sonnen was the heavy
      construction equiptment Rampage/Rashas was volleyball Penn/Pulver was ping
      pong Mir/Nog was soccer Hendo/Bisping was tennis I may have forgotten one
      or two

    • 10 rockerguy615

      that would have been funny if he got knocked out like when dan henderson
      knocked him out lol

    • 11 meh20knm

      Man Bisping looked huge through this whole season, takes balls to hide that
      pain falling.

    • 12 MrSpinswitch

      Haha asshole

    • 13 Awcbhoy

      @Zombiekiller1348 Pearson beat sotriopouloa at a destruction derby type

    • 14 Khonnell


    • 15 no6way7yahweh1

      i love mayhems teams reaction. its like “fuck your money, that was awesome”


      @youngerearl7 so your 1 of those people whose starts shit on the internet
      ay…. just go home, stay home and finger yourself with a chainsaw ok =)

    • 17 Poop Sandwich

      the 2 comments below me make 0 sense

    • 18 ZombieKiller1348


    • 19 Khonnell

      Makes no sense, shit comment. Go home.

    • 20 BlackStarKeepShining

      LOL This was hilarious. My favorite season of TUF.

    • 21 tgo007

      professional air hockey players don’t hold the “knob”. They spread their
      fingers and flick their wrist back and forth.

    • 22 Brian Peppers

      dese guyz r gna have da fight of tha year!

    • 23 mKwi9FUG8N

      “It’s okay, it’s just 10,000 dollars!” XD

    • 24 W3stwoodProductions


    • 25 meh20knm

      Ultimate fighter is the best when Bisping is on

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