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A good combination pool / air hockey table?


Question by S K: A good combination pool / air hockey table?
I’m looking to buy a combination pool/ air hockey/ ping pong table. (or just pool and air hockey.) I know cheaper pool tables are made of mdf rather than slate and can warp. That’s okay, I’m just looking for some friendly gaming fun. I’ve been looking at Harvard and Mizerak tables at Sears. I want a cheaper table because it will probably be lighter and I won’t feel as bad if I break it and/or spill beer on it, or have to leave it behind when I move next year.

Is a 6-foot table too small to enjoy? (I’m 25, and don’t want one of those 4 or 5-foot kid tables.)
Are the multi-game tables as functionally cool as they seem or would I be better off buying separate tables?

Do you have experience with any of these tables that you can share? Thanks.

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Answer by no dirt no answers
there is no such thing… those combo table never shoot true. and i know what your getting at but after about of year of just collecting dust the thing would be impossible…

6 ft table is going to be bout like the coin ops at most bars.

i have to say your better off buying a separate table, those combos are really meant for kids, if u play at all seriously you will end up being pissed at yourself for going the cheap route.

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    • 1 Vegas Matt

      Not only are they generally poor quality, but you will never be able to get it level. Do you think playing on a crooked table is fun? I don’t.

      And 6 foot is too small. Bar tables are 7′. I would rather not have a table than have a table that’s smaller than 7′.

      And no, combination tables are not as cool as they seem. None of the games will play anywhere close as well as seperate tables. Ping pong tables are not that expensive, so if you want to play a lot of ping pong, get a real ping pong table. A decent pool table or air hockey table will cost you some cash, so you might have to pick one or the other if you’re on a budget, but it’s much better than buying a table where you won’t really enjoy either game.

    • 2 xsailor367

      I agree with everything said so far. One thing in my opinion is if all you can fit is a 6′ pool table don’t bother. I wouldn’t go any smaller than a 7′ at the absolute smallest. If you want a pool table get a pool table, as for the other stuff, if space is a concern, you can get tops to go over the pool table that aren’t exactly terrible, and you can play pingpong or airhockey on. The only thing with doing that is that you risk damaging the rails and cloth putting the thing on and off.

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